Abbey Green Earth

Abbey Green Earth is a high quality blended soil, produced from soil recovered from construction and demolition sites. Abbey Green Earth is a mix of sand, clay, silt, gypsum, and organics.


Abbey Green Earth improves soil health with calcium sulfates, as well as the soil’s ability to retain moisture. Tests have shown up to a 50% improvement in moisture retention. It’s an excellent source of sulfur and calcium and has a pH balance of 7.9. It’s 10.3% organic matter and improves soil structure for root growth, distribution of moisture, and creates an improved environment for beneficial organisms.


Abbey Green Earth is an excellent soil to mix with sandy soils, as well as clay soils, and the chemical composition allows the soil to improve nutrient availability, stabilize pH, improve reaction to fertilizer and its ability to hold positively charged ions.


All of that means that Abbey Green Earth is excellent material to add to your agricultural growing area. We have seen specific benefits to vineyard production. Please contact Abbey Green for further technical information or to order Abbey Green Earth for yourself.

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