Abbey Green will guarantee a recycling rate of more than 75% on all incoming debris and more than 70% on mixed C&D.  Abbey Green can achieve higher percentages when the contractor is willing to use certain materials, presort at site, or cooperate in handling difficult to recycle commodities like carpet, insulation, contaminated plastics, shrink wrap, and paper. The overall percentage is easily audited since Abbey Green scales all inbound and outbound loads.

For LEEDS certification and Green Building projects Abbey Green visually screens each individual load after tipping and produces a recycling estimate by commodity

The following materials are recycled:

  • Metals -are separated and sold as scrap
  • Wallboard – is shredded and screened producing gypsum (calcium sulfate) to be used in agricultural applications
  • Cardboard – is baled and sold as fiber to factories producing recycled OCC
  • Wood – is shredded and sold as boiler fuel
  • Shingles – are ground and used as feedstock for asphalt plants
  • Concrete – is crushed for road base
  • Soils – are reclaimed and tested for contamination.
  • Brick – is chipped for landscape applications
  • Plastics are separated into categories and sold as feedstock for a number of applications
  • Carpet – is collected for the recovery of nylon

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